Do You Require a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Professional teeth whitening treatments are used to brighten teeth safely, effectively, and under the guidance of advanced dental practitioners. With over-the-counter products, you may suffer from inferior products that not only fail to work, but many can be abrasive to your teeth and gums and can cause an irreversible loss of tooth enamel. If you are… Read more »

Remembering Your Smile Health This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Dr. and our team encourage our patients in , , to remember their smile health. We have some smile-friendly menu choices for you and your loved ones. Most people are familiar with heart-healthy foods. but there are foods that are good for your teeth and gums too. So as you feast this holiday… Read more »

A Cracked Tooth Doesn’t Have to Diminish Your Smile

Welcome to , where Dr. and our team are grateful to be able to help our patients in , , with all of your oral health needs. With Thanksgiving around the corner and feasting on the menu, tooth pain is not something you want to deal with. So if you feel a sharp pain when… Read more »

Protect Your Smile from the Sugar Invasion this Halloween

Do you ever feel like it’s time for a dental cleaning? If so, you are not alone. Did you know that dental cleanings are vital to your oral health? Our team here at is happy to explain to you the importance of oral checkups and how they can help you this time of year during… Read more »

3 Tips for Effective Tooth Brushing

To help you have the best tooth-brushing technique in , , our team has a few recommendations for you! Those recommendations are: -Twice a day, brush your teeth. Preferably, use a toothbrush with soft bristles, as these irritate your gums the least. Medium and hard bristles may feel like they clean better, but they can… Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Help Prevent Cavities

As your child grows, their primary teeth are eventually replaced with the permanent teeth that serve them for the rest of their life. It’s not uncommon for the biting surfaces of permanent premolars and molars to have deep pits and fissures in the tooth enamel. In the basic physics of chewing, these deeply textured areas… Read more »

Insights on the Process of Restoring a Minor Crack in a Tooth by Installing a Crown

The enamel layer of your teeth is very hard and extremely durable, yet there are times when a fall or blow to the face can actually crack one of your teeth. This is even more likely if you participate in contact sports without the protection of a mouth guard. Even if the crack is shallow… Read more »

Inlays and Onlays: What Can They do for You?

Have you ever bit down into something, only to hear or feel your tooth crack? Similarly, have you ever had pieces of your teeth fall out? If so, we recommend visiting our dentist as soon as possible. Sadly, ignoring this problem can lead to negative consequences. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do… Read more »

First-Aid Tips to Help Take Care of an Injured Tongue

Accidentally biting your tongue while eating or chewing gum is relatively common. There are a few rare incidents when an accident, blow to the face or sports injury can seriously harm your tongue. Here at , we offer a few basic first-aid tips to help you take care of an injured tongue. Please note that… Read more »

If You Have a Broken Tooth We Can Restore It

A deeply fractured or broken tooth can be a serious cause for concern. The pain that often comes with a severely damaged tooth requires immediate attention. Should the damage prove too severe, Drs. might advise having the tooth extracted. Once your gums have healed we can restore the broken and extracted tooth with a bridge…. Read more »