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Did you know that a toothache specifically refers to nerve damage within a tooth? However, the nerve endings can cause pain all throughout your head, making it difficult to detect what exactly is the root cause of the pain. Be on the lookout for numerous signs and symptoms that your oral health pain is indeed a toothache.

Typically, if you have pain in and around your mouth that fails to go away even after medications are used, a toothache may be present. If you have recently had a tooth extraction, or a tooth has been knocked out, and you continue to feel pain in your mouth, nerve damage may be the cause. Furthermore, blunt trauma and oral accidents can easily damage teeth and lead to toothaches.

Look for signs of inflammation, swelling, or discharge in and around your teeth when looking for toothaches. In addition, numerous symptoms that have no other attributable causes can be linked to toothaches, including chills, high fevers, and facial rashes. If you think you may have a toothache, visit your dentist for a complete oral examination.

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