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The periodontal inflammation and possible infection associated with gum disease can cause significant discomfort and other embarrassing symptoms. Left untreated it could even lead to tooth loss and medical complications related to systemic inflammation.

Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease. If it’s caught in a reasonable amount of time, a professional dental cleaning treatment from a Dentist like Dr. Doris Madrigal’s can remediate the presence of hardened tartar. This can help reduce inflammation in the periodontal tissues. Then you can then prevent the redevelopment of gum disease with improved focus with your daily brushing and flossing efforts.

Without professional treatment, the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis could worsen into periodontitis. This level of infection in the gum tissues can cause your gumline to recede from your teeth. As accumulating pockets of infection buildup near the roots of your teeth it could lead to bone loss and multiple cases of tooth loss.

Periodontitis treatment might require gum surgery, root planing, or the use of prescription antibiotics. Going forward you will need to make a conscious effort to thoroughly brush your teeth twice each day while also remembering to floss at least once each evening.

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