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As with all oral health risks, issues within your life can greatly affect the health of your teeth and gums. During the teen years, several changes arise not only with your body but your oral health as well. Due to the social risks associated with peer pressure, there may be increased oral health risks that put your teeth in harm’s way. To ensure your smile can continue to function for the rest of your life, it is important to avoid oral health risks in the form of peer pressure.

One known risk that often appears in the teen years is due to individuals smoking or chewing tobacco or using drugs. All of these temptations will not only cause immediate dental damage, but they can also lead to a downturn in your overall health. Thus, eliminate these unhealthy habits from your life. Another risk that often arises due to peer pressure is linked to mouth jewelry. By wearing lip and tongue rings, you may feel better about yourself and experience an increase in your stylish outlook, but your teeth and gums will be at risk. This is because you can end up suffering from nerve damage, burst blood vessels, oral inflammation, cracked teeth or infectious diseases.

A common oral health risk that is very prevalent in teens is from sports. Several high-risk activities including contact sports can cause immediate dental damage via oral accidents and injuries. Even a single wrong blow to your face can destroy your smile in seconds. To prevent damaging your teeth and washing away years of oral health care, make sure you wear the necessary safety gear to protect your teeth and gums whenever possible. This includes wearing mouthguards, face masks, and helmets.

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