Office Updates

We are OPEN and taking care of Patients

Important Changes (until further notice) to DM Family Dentistry Procedures, Due To Coronavirus:

As part of our efforts to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, we ask that you call us from your car when you arrive for your appointment. We will text you when Dr. Madrigal is ready to see you. We require that anyone entering the office must have a face covering or mask on while on the premises. Upon coming into the practice we will be taking your temperature. Any patients with a temperature over 99.0 will unfortunately not be able to be seen for their visit, but can be rescheduled for a later date.

We are trying our best to limit the amount of people in our office, so we ask that you please limit the number of family members present.

Please DO NOT come to the office if you have ANY upper respiratory symptoms (cough, cold, congestion, sore throat or wheezing) or any fever, even low grade. We also ask that if you have traveled outside of the US or to any other current COVID-19 epicenters in the US within the past 30 days, that you reschedule your appointment.