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With the myriad of products and services available to whiten our teeth in the modern world, what is the best way to whiten teeth? Although whitening ingredients have been added to toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gum in recent years, your best method of whitening teeth remains whitening treatment systems and kits. These come in three main forms, professional in-office treatments, at-home treatments, and store-bought treatments.

If you purchase a teeth-whitening treatment from a store, follow instructions exactly as given. Also speak with your dentist to ensure the product is safe to use, as not all teeth whiteners work correctly. If you are not careful, your product may bleach your teeth and weaken your tooth enamel.

The best form of tooth whitening remains in-office professional teeth whitening treatments given directly by your dentist. They will ensure the products used are completely safe and highly effective. They are so effective, they do not need to be regularly given. Instead, your dentist can send you on your way with at-home treatments to use to help touch up your teeth as necessary.

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