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You’ve probably heard that there are several things you’ll need to do if you’re hoping to enjoy good your oral health. For example, we usually recommend scheduling a visit with our team twice a year. These appointments are important because they give us a chance to inspect your mouth for signs of trouble.These visits are also important because they give us an opportunity to address issues we identify before they become more serious. Once common issue you’ll want to have addressed early is a cavity.

Cavities can lead to a number of serious issues, such frequent toothaches and pain when you eat. Cavities may also spread to the center of a tooth. If this happens, you may need root canal therapy to save the afflicted tooth. If you treat your cavity quickly enough, you can usually avoid the need for this treatment.

Still, while our team will be happy to inspect your mouth for cavities when you visit us, you may be able to recognize tooth decay on your own. If you spot anything that worries you, we recommend contacting us before it becomes more serious. A hole or black spots in your teeth might be an indicator of a cavity. However, please note that cavities usually form near the back of your mouth, which could make it difficult to notice these visible symptoms. This is why pain is usually easier to spot than holes.

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