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Taking your child to the dentist doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. In fact, you should start your child’s dental visits early in life. You child’s first visit to the dentist should be within six months of their first tooth coming in, but before her first birthday.

Sometimes, it might be possible to visit the office before your child’s appointment, so she has a chance to meet the dentist and staff, and to see the examination room and the equipment. You can also read books and watch videos with your child about visiting the dentist. You can also take few minutes to talk with your child about her visit and discuss any fears she may have. While it is important to talk with your child about her feelings, you should avoid discussing your own anxiety.

You might want to have your child bring a favorite stuffed animal or toy along to the office, and talk with your dentist about sitting in the exam room with her. Those are small steps that can help ease her fears.

By all means, let the dentist know if your child is apprehensive about her dental visit. There are steps that the dentist can take to help her feel more relaxed and comfortable about her visit.

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